Argh... My thighs are touching (again)

Yesterday, I clocked a 23 week old (about 5 months) baby bump. And, boy oh boy, can I feel my body changing...

In the three months before I got this baby bump I lost 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in weight. I was tighter, leaner, stronger. For the first time in my life I'd nailed it. I didn't eat whatever took my fancy (telling myself I deserved it and then chastising myself later). I ate more plant based foods and less refined foods. I worked out 30 minutes every week day (running one day and doing Team Body Project workouts the next). 

I was heading towards my 10 stone review goal weight (63.5 kg) when I would decide to stick or lose a little more. The best thing about how it felt was that my thighs didn't touch when I walked anymore! 

Thighs that do not touch are a major thing for a girl who’s jeans used to wear thin (out) on the inner thigh — and that’s nearly too embarrassing not to edit out...

And then in February something happened. Extreme tiredness hit, soon to be followed by perpetual nausea along with a humongous appetite for carbs — baby bump, aka, tiny human alien body invasion was here (read about that here). 

And of course, my curvy curves are back. I suspect they will get even curvier, feel even more squishy and certainly be even more visible! But, this time, I have made peace with them.

This is not the time to calorie count. Although my appetite for carbs has lessened significantly, and I sit here munching grapes (so much better than my three month long carb fest), I know this body and the decade+ battle for balance I have faced — and that's without the tiny human alien body invasion of baby bump.

So, here is how I am coming to terms with this phase. Here are snippets of the little voice inside the head of Sara over the last few weeks (that’s since I have been able to practice thinking again, after the perpetual nausea faded at around weeks 16-18).
  • "Embrace your (growing) pregnant curves. Everyone keeps saying you look well... Really?"
  • "Touching thighs in hot weather sucks, but you will get your slim back."
  • "You feel stodgy and bloated, like never before. And you've just discovered the wonderful world of heart burn. But you will get you slim back and feel tighter, leaner and stronger once more."
  • "You nailed your relationship with food and exercise pre-pregnancy... Shame you finally figured it out as we made a baby... Still, you know what to do post-pregnancy." 
  • "But you'll have a baby to contend with post-pregnancy... That's OK. You'd given up the gym and were working out at home when you found your slim."
  • "Although some women may find this a negative comment... Maybe I'll have to edit this out... Mr D. said the sweetest thing the other day, something along the lines of... 'I know we're always out of sync. You're on the health and fitness case when I'm not, and now you haven't got the energy to be on the case, I'm on it! But I'm working on my fitness now so I'm healthier when the baby comes, so I'll help you get back to fit...' There, you will not be alone, Sara."
  • "You're thighs will not always touch when you walk. You can rock these tiny human alien body invasion baby bump curves :-)"