3 ways to design your Mama life so you can kick ass and feel fulfilled

3 ways to design your Mama life so you can kick ass and feel fulfilled

Time and Mamahood are not friends. It’s like the Gods gave us 10,000 more responsibilities but forgot to give us more time. You are a responsibility juggling Mama with a to do list the length of 10 buses and the same amount of time as an average 19 year old that is child free and living at home! Oh to have some of the time you had when you were 19 back again now…

Since my son was born in November 2016 I have been experimenting with different productivity methods. I’ve been exploring how to find myself, and how to feel contented and fulfilled in my new life as Mama. One thing is clear to me — living a contented and satisfying life takes design. If you are looking at someone else’s life and thinking how wonderful it looks, then I bet you don’t realise how much design went into that life. It didn’t just happen and it’s probably still a work in progress.

My life is far from my dream life and far from running as smoothly as I would want, and yet it sure looks good to others! I often get asked questions like:

  1. How do you do it?

  2. How do you fit it all in?

  3. How do you wake up so early?

The answer lies in knowing what is important to me, time blocking my life and knowing my why. You can follow these steps to create more order in your own life so you can have that wonderful feeling of, ‘I got this’.

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