10 blogs I'm using to reeducate myself about money

image by tony lam hoang, unsplash

image by tony lam hoang, unsplash

Since I realised I’m hurtling towards the big 4-0 I put myself on a crash course on money. Because I’m no longer prepared to accept and excuse my below average performance with money, I’m gluttonously consuming courses, books, podcasts and blogs on money.

I can feel my world opening up as I discover small (but simple and quick) money making tools, through to bigger investment, bigger reward (but smart) money making opportunities, as well as life changing money mindset principles.

This is a collection of the 10 best blogs I’ve discovered so far. Many of my evening and early morning hours are spent drinking money medicine from these digital pages.

The Money Shed

This is one of my most practical discoveries. You won’t have to do much reading before you have a specific piece of information related to saving or making money that you’ll be able to apply to your life and get pretty much instant results. Think practical task app reviews and the best article on work from home jobs for Mums on the internet (seriously….)

Emma Drew

Emma’s blog is beautiful with clean visual aesthetics and navigation that makes it that much easier to engross myself in her content on ‘how to make money, save money and live the life you want’. This blog is pretty and packed to the hilt with a gazillion articles I want to read. I also feel I can relate to Emma who grew up in South Africa, which is not far from my childhood and teen years in Zambia.

Mrs Mummy Penny

Lynn’s blog hits the spot for me with her holistic approach on what she calls ‘healthy wealth, body and mind’. I’m all for wealth and I believe you can have it without sacrificing your physical and mental health. Yes, I want it all!

Mom Can Do This

Um, surely all frazzled Mums will be drawn here like bees to nectar? You can do this? Create a life you love? Hello. I’m in. This blog is so so relevant to Mums and I love it. Lack of time to finish a 5 minute job uninterrupted (let alone change my life) is one of my biggest challenges, so I was super happy to see that the topic of time is 1 of the 4 key topics that Carolin focuses on.

Money Can Buy Me Happiness

Yes. Yes. Yes. None of the weird debates about money and happiness here. Just a tonne of advice as Emma slays debt, saves like a madwoman and builds income streams to finance her dream.

Method To Your Money

The biggest driving force behind my decision to overhaul my money story was the birth of my son. Not only do I want to be a good role model, I want to be able to teach him everything he needs to know about money in order to live a rich and full life. This is one of the few sites I have found that does not suck and is dedicating itself to the topic of money and children.

Money Nuggets

‘Empowering women through financial education’ caught my eye. I’m a woman. I need a financial education. I can see how a financial education and the results in my purse would empower me. I like how this blog doesn’t ignore topics. With sections on saving and savvy spending (100% frugal is not the life I want), as well as earning through a career, freelancing and small business (there is something for women in all chosen work paths) this is a well rounded, no judgement type of blog.

Savvy Woman

This blog takes blogs like Money Nuggets up a step. Labeling  itself as, ‘money tips for smart women’ this blog is for women ready to tackle real financial options. Because I am at the beginning of my financial makeover, it feels a little daunting but I am including it in this list because I will need to participate in real saving and investing, tax, pensions and retirement activities - topics I tend to shy away from. A blog like this can be one of my useful guides.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle’s blog is packed full of amazing content on making and saving money. I particularly like her monthly income reports and that she travels full time!

Listen Money Matters

Fresh. Clean. Honest. Useful. This blog has wonderfully put together playlists, categories and toolboxes to help free your inner financial badass. They have a very realistic, no bs approach, and a podcast which I’m keen to sample.

This is my current top 10 list of money blog gold. Dive in to join me in my reeducation on money. I’d love to know your favourites because I absolutely love to discover new money resources! Comment below…