About me

I am determined, stubborn and precocious. I have lived my 35+ years with one foot in Zambia, and one foot in England. I look at things differently. I am a seeker of things untold. I am a weird mix — hard as nails, and incredibly emotional; a creative soul, with an appetite for business; I am both judgemental and kind; I probably come across confident, but I’m at war with my self talk. A mixture of Zambian, English and Scottish blood runs through my veins — a true child of our colonial history. I’m Sara. I love deep conversations. I love helping people figure things out, light the fire within and believe they can.

I hope my money, motherhood and making it journey can shine a light for others who may relate. I know I can certainly learn from you, so please join in. Lets make this a conversation that is honest and life enhancing.