Who’s this blog for

Hey Mama, do you often feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied? Is every minute of everyday full of something? Are you juggling motherhood, family, home, work and your self?

It can sometimes feel like you haven’t quite got your life together. Overall, you’re happy but things aren’t quite flowing. You don’t have enough money for things and experiences that are important to you. You don’t have enough time to do anything well. This has a negative impact on yourself and your family, and fuels feelings of overwhelm, dissatisfaction and failure. You often feel stuck and frustrated. You yearn for true wealth and fulfilment.

I can totally relate to all of the above and I write my way through it, sharing what I learn along the way.

You want more goodness in your life right?!

  • More money?

  • More wealth?

  • More experiences?

  • More time?

  • More meaning?

  • More satisfaction?

  • More for you?

  • More for your family?

  • More for others?

This blog is about how Mama’s like you and I can earn more money, use our time more effectively and be more satisfied. It’s about finding wealth, fulfilment and the often elusive, ‘I’ve got this’ feeling.

I absolutely love to encourage others. I get all excited and animated when someone wants to have an aspirational, find your mojo kind of conversation! I’m all about how to achieve that ‘all is good’ feeling in life. I hope this blog helps you aspire for more and find your mojo. I hope it’s a meeting place for Mama’s on the ongoing health, happiness and prosperity journey.

My story

I’m heading towards 40 and I’m tired of feeling not quite where I want to be.

  • My personal finances need a lot of work

  • I was almost too busy for motherhood, squeezing it in because my body clock was against me, not because I felt ready

  • I have a constant nagging feeling that I am running out of time for all the important things that require more money and time

  • Looking after myself does not come naturally. I have struggled with self image and giving too much of myself

Life is great in so many ways.

  • I’m blessed with good health overall

  • I’m happily married

  • We’re parents to Marley, a calm, sensitive and inquisitive little boy

  • We have a nice home, a project we’ve been working on for a few years

  • I have a great extended family and small circle of friends

  • I run my own business from home

I am grateful for all of this whilst I seek more. I believe life should not be average. I believe we are given talents and opportunities so we can leave a positive mark on the world. I don’t feel satisfied with what I have achieved yet.

I have lived my 35+ years in Zambia and England. A mixture of Zambian, English and Scottish blood runs through my veins — a true child of our colonial history. I love Zambia and Africa as much as I am frustrated by it!

I am determined, stubborn and persistent. I am a weird mix — hard as nails, and incredibly emotional; a creative soul, with an appetite for business; I am both judgemental and kind; I probably come across confident, but I’m at war with my self talk. I’m constantly seeking the freedom to 'live'!

My money story

Wealth is really important to me, but despite how hard I have worked, it still eludes me. My personal finances are distinctly average.

I come from really simple beginnings. My childhood awareness of differences in colour and status, together with misleading religious beliefs about money have left their mark on me.

I thought that good grades and hard work would give me a high flying corporate job that would save me from everything I feared. Despite my good grades and hard work I cannot say I have prospered. And as it turns out I don’t even want a corporate job anymore! I have come to realise that it takes more than big dreams and hard work to become wealthy, stay wealthy and have the time freedom we desire.

Writing publicly about something so personal is terrifying, but it really does feel like a necessary part of my healing.

This blog started as a way for me to record what I am learning about money, wealth and well-being in one place.

I feel the pain and frustration of being a mother struggling to find her place, a mother wanting to build herself up and achieve for the sake of her family. I am a mother asking if balance is a myth.

The truth is, money is a taboo subject and I’m no expert on it. So, why am I writing about this again?!

Because my experiences of money tell me that things would be a lot better for a lot of people if we spoke more openly about money and if we got way more comfortable with it.

I’m also pretty good at researching, learning and applying things. So I’m choosing to believe that I can figure out my money thing. Sharing my findings and experiences along the way will help others figure out their money thing. And that can only be a good thing.


I love deep conversations. I love helping people figure things out, light their fire within and believe they can. Join the conversation about money, motherhood and well-being in blog comments or over on Instagram.