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Let’s figure out our money thing for our kids sake — this is a series on money mindset plus how to earn more as a Mama, all told through the lens of a rather personal money transformation journey.


We love money but hate rich people. We want more money but despise working for it. Whether you care to admit it or not, we all have issues with money!

As I head toward the big ‘40’ and find myself a Mama (eek) I feel a sense of responsibility to figure this money thing out - for me, for my family, for my son. I’d like to teach my children how to love, respect and cultivate money better than I have. 

My money story ain’t pretty. It’s a story of confusion, clarity, shame, confidence, success, failure, longing, letting go, anger, reconciliation, hustle, peace… Yep, my money story is a mixed bag of crazy! 

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Let’s design the life we want as a working Mama’s — this is a collection of tips, experiments and personal experiences on overcoming overwhelm, reducing stress and achieving that elusive, “I’ve got this” feeling.


Oh motherhood. You are bittersweet and filled with many buckets. Bucket loads of love, joy and satisfaction. Bucket loads of insecurity, fear and frustration. 

Motherhood is strewn with many empty buckets. Time. Sleep. You. There is no time. Sleep is diminished, either by the needs of your offspring, or by the sheer amount you are trying to pack in to 24 hours. You will default to forgetting who ‘you’ is and will need to make a conscious effort to prioritise your-‘self’. 

My motherhood journey is a roller coaster - twisting, turning, speeding, peaking, dipping, rising, falling, souring, crashing, flying…

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Let’s fill our cups with all things good — this is all about becoming the best version of yourself and living your best life now, laced with my well-being highs and lows.


Fulfillment is a life long lesson in figuring out what fills your cup, and what drains it.

What is good for your soul? What expectations, toxicity and demands do you need to say no to? What do you need for your well-being?

Whilst I have spent much of my life hustling and giving way too much of myself, I have come to realise that my cup is filled by things we often shun. Self love. Rest. Physical, mental and spiritual health. Gratitude and appreciation.

Fulfillment is acceptance of what is, with joy, right now, whilst navigating towards the true desires of my heart and soul. 

Enriching children

Let’s raise good humans together — content on peaceful parenting philosophies and cultivating money conscious children, as told from our parenting perspective.


Any parent wants the absolute best for their children. But not all parents realise the effort, commitment and sacrifice involved in raising good humans We have a responsibility to lead our children with love (not let them lead us). 

I don’t know it all so this is my journey of learning and exploration, successes and stumbles. 

I want to do what I can to make my children happy and contented in life, mind, body and soul. I want to do everything I can to set them up for success. I want to lead by example and teach them the life lessons and experiences that will equip them for a happy and fulfilling life.